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Oahu scuba diving on the island of Oahu. Scuba diving in Hawaii with Rainbow Scuba of Honolulu.
scuba diving in Hawaii, offers daily Oahu scuba dive charters in Hawaii. Padi dive centers in Hawaii for PADI scuba lessons in Honolulu.
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Rainbow WAIKIKI Scuba Diving - PADI Scuba lessons PADI Rainbow Scuba Diving lessons - Oahu, Hawaii 808-224-7857

- Oahu offers some of the most exciting Hawaii Shipwrecks and diverse Scuba diving in all the world. -

Scuba Dive into the hidden world of underwater Oahu, Hawaii. We make Oahu scuba diving on your Hawaii vacation convenient and enjoyable. Check out our Youtube videos Of Scuba diving in Hawaii.

Certified Scuba Divers will enjoy our Oahu Boat Charters for exploring Oahu shipwrecks, deep scuba dives, and scuba diving in the Hawaii sea turtles playground. All of our certified scuba divers will dive with a PADI Divemaster or PADI Scuba Instructor at a maximum of 4 divers to 1 guide.

Never been scuba diving in Hawaii? Always wanted to Try? Go on a Discover Hawaii Scuba Diving , don't wait, no experience needed, dive today! All of our beginers will scuba dive with a Hawaii PADI scuba instructor at a maximum of 4 students to 1 PADI instructor.

We scuba dive in Hawaii seven days a week and provide Free Waikiki Transportation to and from all the Waikiki beach hotels. Check our Faq's page for more info about our Hawaii scuba diving adventures. Enjoy the comfort of diving on the custom 40' foot Catamaran rated the best Oahu scuba dive charter boat.

Our Scuba Dive Shop...
We often get asked about our Hawaii scuba dive shop on Oahu... "How far is it from Waikiki?", "Where is it located?", "Can I come by and pay before going out scuba diving in Hawaii?"... Well, the simple answer is, we dont have a "retail Honolulu scuba dive shop or scuba store on Oahu", we have a "Diving Scuba Shop"  

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Discover Scuba Diving in Hawaii
If you've never been scuba diving on Oahu, you're in for a treat! Spend half a day with us and find out what Hawaii Scuba Diving is all about. A PADI certified Hawaii scuba dive instructor on Oahu will give you a short orientation briefing before closely guiding you on your first Hawaii Scuba dive adventure. The Discover Hawaii Scuba dive can later be credited toward your PADI Open Water Scuba Diver Certification lessons.

Certified Scuba Divers - Scuba Diving on Oahu, Hawaii
What kind of Hawaii scuba dive sites do we go to on Oahu? Our sites range from the deep Hawaii scuba dive to the shallow Hawaii scuba dive, from awesome Hawaii shipwrecks, to the abundant Oahu reefs, and even some caves. Check out our Dive Sites page to see why scuba divng in Honolulu, Hawaii is awesome!

PADI Diver Certification Courses:
Rainbow Scuba Diving offers offer a wide range of Hawaii PADI scuba certification lessonss, from the basic, universally recognized PADI Open Water Diver Certification to the professional level PADI Instruction courses taught here on your Hawaii scuba dive vacation.

Thanks for visiting Rainbow Scuba Diving Oahu, Hawaii. Your source for All your Hawaii Scuba Diving Boat Charters and PADI Scuba lessons in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

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Rainbow Honolulu Scuba Dive - PADI Oahu scuba diving
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