Scuba Diver in Hawaii Explores Shipwreck!

Honolulu, Hawaii

Shipwreck Exploration By Scuba Diver in Honolulu Hawaii

The best scuba diving in Honolulu is certainly on the Sea Tiger Shipwreck.

Amazing weather today here in Honolulu and as a result great scuba diving conditions! A busy day here in the Kewalo basin harbor and parking was a premium, consequently a slight delay to our start. Not a problem for us though as we own and operate our dive boat in Honolulu. The scheduled dives are on a shipwreck and then one of the numerous reefs. After briefing and setting up the scuba diving gear we made way to our first dive site, Nautilus reef. Having a modified dive charter, we therefore decided to have the first time scuba divers jump into the Hawaiian waters first. We are diving today to see magnificent sea life but above all ensure our guests safety while scuba diving. After some practice on the essential skills of breathing underwater and the mask clear, We descend to the bottom. Numerous schools of tropical fish about the reef and most noteworthy, a Hawaiian octopus encounter. upon taking several incredible underwater pictures and because our air tanks were running low we acceded back to the dive boat. Now ready for the second dive, we headed to the Sea Tiger shipwreck for some in-depth exploration.

The Sea Tiger rests at a depth of 120' and approximately a mile offshore. Diving through massive schools of bait fish we descended slowly to the shipwreck. Being an massive shipwreck abundant in sea life, the Sea Tiger is therefore the best scuba dive in Honolulu Hawaii. After what seems like it cant get any better, a Hawaii green sea turtle arrives on the dive site! Exploring about the shipwreck we enter the cabin area and proceeded through the engine room. As a result of reaching our scheduled bottom time we ascended to a shallower depth for a required safety stop. Again even more colossal schools of bait fish surround us as we wait. The shipwreck exploration of the Sea Tiger was truly an exceptional dive in Honolulu. Scuba diving in Honolulu on the Sea Tiger is simply the best dive in Hawaii!

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