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We are open for recreational scuba diving in Honolulu. We follow all the state of Hawaii safety guidelines!


We offer the best scuba diving tours in Honolulu. We feature beginner first time scuba diving, PADI scuba certifications and in addition shipwreck exploration dives. The cost of SCUBA diving with us is the lowest in Honolulu! Try SCUBA diving in Honolulu and above all, conclude for yourself why diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii is amazing!
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Why SCUBA Dive with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii?

We often are asked about our Honolulu scuba company or dive shop in Oahu. As the owner/operator of our Oahu dive boat, we limit our group sizes to no more than 6 on-board. It's a unique dive boat in Honolulu because of this. Most boats bring out group sizes of 20 - 30 on-board. Why dive with a Honolulu scuba company that doesn't own a boat or uses a cattle-maran jammed full of 30 divers? Smaller size groups equate to increased safety and greater fun!

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Our PADI Instructors have been scuba diving in Honolulu seven days a week for over 20 years! Local knowledge of the Hawaiian dive sites is crucial if you want to encounter marine life. Most importantly, our experienced instructors have a 100% Safety record, ensuring a safe, fun underwater adventure in Hawaii. In conclusion, by working from our private dive boat and not a true dive shop, we ensure you the lowest Hawaii scuba diving cost and no pressure of buying scuba gear.

First Time SCUBA Diving In Honolulu

First time scuba Hawaii

First time scuba diving in Hawaii. Have you always wanted to try Honolulu scuba diving? Experience the Discover Scuba dive tour in Hawaii! No prior experience is required to go scuba diving in Honolulu today! Our introductory scuba lessons will enable you to enjoy diving safely to a depth of 40 feet. Our scuba instructors will guide you on two dive sites for approximately 30-50 minutes on average. Try our Honolulu Scuba Diving Tour for only $129.99 per person.
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Certified SCUBA Diving In Honolulu

Two Tank shipwreck and reef SCUBA dive tour in Honolulu for certified divers only.

Sea Tiger shipwreck scuba

Our certified divers will definitely enjoy exploring on a sunken shipwreck on the daily scuba diving tours in Honolulu. This is truly two of the best dive sites in Honolulu for underwater photography and encounters with marine life.
Two dive sites, shipwreck followed by a reef location. Price includes all required dive equipment.
Shipwreck Dives

Our Latest - Scuba Diving In Oahu

Dive Charter 11-05-2019

Our group today set out from the Kewalo basin harbor to try scuba diving in Honolulu. Honolulu's warm tropical waters are ideal to try scuba diving for the first time. Beginner scuba dives do not require any prior experience! You can be as young as 10 years old and safely try scuba diving in Honolulu. Our Small group size and private boat tour option ensure your safety and enjoyment!

Dive Charter 11-05-2019

The dive team was ready to explore the Sea Tiger shipwreck in Honolulu. This dive site is absolutely the best scuba diving in Honolulu! It is a deep dive of around 100' underwater as a result, this scuba diving site is only for certified divers. Although the shipwreck is a deep dive it very easy to explore and enjoy while scuba diving.


Dive Charter 12-29-2018

An amazing day for snorkeling in Waikiki with turtles. The Turtle Canyon snorkeling site is fantastic location to encounter an abundance of sea life. This turtle cleaning station is the favorite spot in Waikiki for visitors and locals alike.