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Oahu, Hawaii the "gathering place" is home of world class Hawaii scuba diving fish and marine life. From a Hawaii scuba diver's perspective, Oahu has four distinct regions. We are pleased to provide the best diving in Hawaii! Each location also has different Hawaii scuba diving site advantages and disadvantages as well.

We welcome responsible Hawaii scuba diving practices and education. Make an informed decision choosing the best Honolulu dive sites with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii as your dive guide professionals!

Hawaii Scuba Diving Sites on Oahu's South Shore

The Honolulu South Shore location provides us with two of the best Hawaii Scuba diving sites on Oahu, the YO-257 shipwreck and the Sea Tiger shipwreck. Your drive from Waikiki hotels to the Kewalo Basin Harbor only takes about 10 minutes.

dive site Sea Tiger shipwreck Honolulu

Sea Tiger Shipwreck

The Sea Tiger is the deepest shipwreck dive site on the island for recreational scuba diving. It was sunk as an artificial reef in 1999 and is about 189 feet long. This shipwreck is thriving with Hawaiian marine life such as green sea turtles, eagle rays, frog fish, moray eels and white tip reef sharks. It rests in 120 feet of water at the bow of the shipwreck but the deck of the vessel is about 100 feet in depth. This is also an excellent Night Scuba Dive!


dive site shipwreck YO-257 Honolulu

YO-257 Shipwreck / San Pedro Shipwreck

The YO-257 is arguably the most exciting Hawaii shipwreck scuba diving site. There are actually two ship wrecks to see at this site: The San Pedro (80 feet long) rests only 30 meters from the YO-257 (190 feet long). This is definitely a two for one dive. You can expect to see an abundance of Hawaii Marine life such as white-tip reef sharks, eagle rays, schools of tropical fish. Maximum depth is 100 feet.


dive site Kewalo Pipe reef Honolulu

Kewalo Pipe reef

This Hawaii scuba diving site provides you with easy navigation down to the end of the pipe at 60' in depth. It also provides the opportunity to see the elusive dragon eel. There is an abundance of aquatic life to observe and photograph. Maximum depth on this dive site is about 60 feet.



dive site horseshoe reef Honolulu, Hawaii

Horseshoe Reef

This is a actually a double horseshoe shaped reef scuba diving site in Hawaii that attracts a variety of sea life to it. Hawaii green sea turtles, trigger fish and Hawaii octopus are commonly found while scuba diving this location. Maximum depth is 40 feet.



dive site nautilus reer Honolulu, Hawaii

Nautilus Reef

This reef is a great Hawaii dive site with several resident white-tip reef sharks. While scuba diving in Honolulu, You can expect to see eels, puffer fish, butterfly fish and Hawaiian green sea turtles. This dive site in Hawaii is also a great spot for finding Hawaii octopus about the reef. Maximum depth is 30 feet.



dive site Turtle Canyon reef Waikiki, Hawaii

Turtle Canyon Reef

This Scuba dive location in Waikiki is teeming with Hawaiian green sea turtles, cleaner wrasse and eels. These lava fingers extend to and from the shore. It is easy scuba diving site to navigate and fun to conduct photography or just enjoy the friendly aquatic life in Honolulu. Maximum depth is 35 feet. This is also the best site for Hawaii Snorkeling!