Endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Experience

Honolulu, Hawaii

Experiencing Sea Turtles An Endangered Species In Hawaii

Incredible experience in Honolulu, scuba diving with endangered Hawaiian green sea turtles.

Honolulu, Hawaii - Nov. 05, 2019 : The team of first time divers departed from Kewalo Basin boat harbor. Hoping for an incredible experience scuba diving with Hawaiian green sea turtles. After safety and basic scuba information our team plunged into the Honolulu waters. Some initial practice of essential scuba skills and we were finally set to begin. consequently we immediately encountered three huge Hawaiian green sea turtles. Because of Hawaii's strict policy on interaction of endangered animals, we maintain a safe distance. As a result the turtles are certainly calm and easy to photograph.

After even more quick pictures with these amazing creatures and our team continued exploration on the dive site. Consequently an incredible experience in Honolulu, scuba diving with endangered Hawaiian green sea turtles.

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Today's Oahu scuba 11-05-2019 dive charter pictures

Oahu scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii on 11-05-2019

Scuba diving in Honolulu today we had the chance to experience several endangered Hawaiian green sea turtles. They are truly majestic animals and something visitors to the Hawaiian islands marvel over. While maintaining a respectable distance we were able to video the sea turtles and provide a memorable day of scuba diving in Oahu Hawaii.