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information about our Honolulu scuba dive Charter on 11-27-2019.

Check out all the Honolulu scuba information from 11-27-2019 including dive sites, dive depth and conditions on our Honolulu scuba diving blog post for 11-27-2019 diving charter in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Honolulu, Hawaii - Nov. 27, 2019 - 09:30 - Our family of divers arrived from Australia to try scuba dive in Honolulu. Our choice of dive site differs with the groups level of experience in scuba diving. Uupon describing the dive sites and differences our group choose a great dive location for Turtles and schools of reef fish. Again a through briefing on scuba diving safety and dive skills required the family was ready to try. Practice makes the dive skills second nature and a review on the surface just prior to jumping in. Horseshoe reef was the location to explore on the tour. Lots of adjustments to get use to underwater the first time scuba diving in Honolulu. Breathing and swimming with the dive gear is painstaking but reaps huge benefits for the first time divers. Several huge schools of tropical fish around the reef and a couple of moray eels today. Around the 30 minute mark our air supply was getting low and we returned to the boat. Back on deck of the boat we change over to fresh air tanks and make adjustments for the next dive location. Jumping back in the ocean we head to Turtle ridge dive site. Immediately into the second dive we see a white tip reef shark! Its incredible to see this shark underwater as it swims about. With even more colorful tropical fish about we encounter two huge Hawaiian green sea turtles. With more exploration of the dive site an octopus is found crawling about the reef. Consequently our air supply becoming low we venture back to the dive boat.

We are often asked about the best dive locations in Honolulu for beginner divers. Today's dive charter was over at the Kewalo pipe reef & turtle cove dive sites.