Shipwreck Explored Scuba Diving in Oahu Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Sea Tiger shipwreck exploration, Oahu's best shipwreck

Another great day scuba diving Oahu's best dive site, the Sea Tiger shipwreck.

Dec. 08, 2018 - 13:30 - A private scuba diving charter today for the purpose of exploring Oahu's most noteworthy shipwreck the Sea Tiger. Because it was a little rainy and anxious to scuba dive, we departed Kewalo basin harbor quickly. As a result of the shipwreck being so close we arrived in about 10 minutes. Gearing up and above all doing safety checks we were hence set to dive the Sea Tiger. For the reason that some current was present we descended down gripping the line tightly. Upon reaching the wreck it was certainly amazing spotting two white tip reefs sharks! Also greeting us, a huge Hawaiian green sea turtle on the bow of the shipwreck.

Numerous schools of tropical reef fish as we further explore the depths of the Sea Tiger. For even more exploration excitement we ventured further into the wreck. While reaching the scuba dive time limits we therefore ascended to the safety stop depth for 3 minutes.The Sea Tiger shipwreck is certainly the best scuba dive in Oahu, Hawaii.As of a result of scuba diving the best site in Oahu, fun was had by all!

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