Honolulu Tourists Surrounded By Hawaiian Turtles

Honolulu, Hawaii

Turtles Encounter Honolulu Tourists Scuba Diving

Delightful day scuba diving Honolulu with numerous Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles.

Dec. 12, 2018 - 09:30 - A great day to remember as a result of numerous Hawaiian green sea turtles on our scuba diving tour. After meeting with our tourists to Honolulu and briefing them on the dive we hence set off from the Kewalo Basin harbor in search of Hawaiian green sea turtles. Arriving at the horseshoe reef in seems like only minutes we geared up with scuba diving equipment.

Jumping into the clear waters of Honolulu we therefore descended down the line 40' underwater. First of all is safety but we were also on a mission to encounter Hawaiian green sea turtles on this scuba diving tour. Consequently within minutes of the dive we spotted our first Hawaii green sea turtle. Without a doubt today's dive tour was certainly going to be incredible.

With some experience from the first dive we decided to venture a little further out to encounter more turtles. Upon reaching the outer reef we became surrounded by numerous Hawaiian green sea turtles! They are absolutely magnificent to see underwater about the reef. Then suddenly and most noteworthy out of the reef came a white tip reef shark! If all that wasn't enough on this dive we then seen a immense octopus.

Encountering Hawaiian green sea turtles in Oahu Hawaii was an adventure to remember. Certainly today's scuba diving tour in Honolulu encountering green sea turtles was incredible!

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