4 Beginner Scuba Divers in Waikiki Explore Reefs

Honolulu, Hawaii

Exploring Reefs of Waikiki Hawaii, First Time Scuba

Delightful day for scuba diving in Waikiki.

Dec. 14, 2018 - 09:30 - Our team of first time divers today were very anxious to explore the reefs in Waikiki Hawaii. While setting up the scuba gear our instructor briefed the beginner divers on the what, when, and where of today's dive. Because were all excited we departed the Kewalo Basin boat harbor in search of our dive site. Probably the most anticipation is in the gearing up of the dive gear just waiting to experience the unknown waters of Waikiki.

Jumping into the Ocean and descending down the line to 40' underwater, the adventure begins! Because of the practice of the dive skills above the water above all our first time scuba divers felt confident. Schools of tropical fish about and most noteworthy a white tip reef shark. Great day of scuba diving in Waikiki Hawaii with first time scuba divers. Certainly an experience our beginner scuba divers in Waikiki will cherish forever!

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