Hawaii Snorkeling Tours, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

Honolulu, Hawaii

Snorkeling tour in Honolulu, Hawaii with Rainbow Scuba

Hawaii snorkeling tour

Not a scuba diver?

Well you can still enjoy the beautiful waters of Honolulu and try our Hawaii snorkeling tours in Honolulu.

Is it you think first time Hawaii scuba diving is too hard and would rather just have a snorkeling tour in Honolulu instead.

If not than try our Discover Hawaii scuba diving adventure for first time scuba divers and bring your friends and family!

We provide Snorkels, Masks & fins for your snorkeling tour in Honolulu, Hawaii.

check our Hawaii scuba diving prices page for the current cost of our Hawaii snorkeling tours in Honolulu.

Enjoy Snorkeling in Honolulu, Hawaii, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

Snorkeling in Honolulu is great but Scuba diving in Hawaii is even better. Our Scuba dive tours are safer, easier and a lot more fun than snorkeling!