Sea Sickness Medication Recommendation

Honolulu, Hawaii

Motion/Sea sickness Medication Bonine:

Motion Sickness Medication for scuba diving charter boat

We want our customers to enjoy their Hawaii scuba diving adventure, and recommend bonine to anyone who has motion/ sea sickness. We have found that one pill the night before and then again one pill the morning prior to diving works great. Everyone who has taken it so far has been super happy with the results but, (disclaimer) as with any medication please check with your doctor prior to taking as results/reaction/dosage may vary.

Available at Wallmart, ABC stores in Waikiki, and others for about $5.00

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Sea Sickness Pharmaceuticals Bonine intended for diving in Honolulu, Hawaii. Meclizine is commonly employed to help remedy or reduce the chances of nausea, queasiness, and faintness caused through motion sickness.