3 Scuba Divers in Honolulu Encounter Shipwreck

Honolulu, Hawaii

Exploration of shipwreck in Honolulu Hawaii

Discovery of submerged 1998 shipwreck on Oahu Hawaii.

We made way for the afternoon charter around 13:30 from the Kewalo basin harbor. Our 3 scuba divers were determined to find the seceret Sea Tiger shipwreck that was sunk in late 1998. upon noticing several Hawaiian green sea turtles know to frequent the shipwreck, we knew it was near! After equiping our scuba gear and performing routine safety checks We proceeded to enter the open ocean. Even with a visibility of around 50' and following a huge sea turtle, we dived to a depth of around 100' underwater. the submerged vessel was encrusted in barnicles and teeming with sea life! Several huge green moray eels hiding in the cracks and crevesesof the shipwreck. Due to the limit of our nitrogen absorbation we were required to return to the surface after a 3 minute interval at 15'.

Amazing fun and secrets revealed form discovery of submerged shipwreck Sea Tiger. The Discovery of the Sea Tiger Shipwreck was truely incredible and overall a very fun and exciting day of scuba diving in Honolulu.

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