Dive Prices, Scuba Diving Hawaii Cost

Honolulu, Hawaii

What is the cost of scuba diving in Hawaii?

Hawaii scuba diver cost

Compare for yourself the price value of smaller group sizes (never more than 6 divers), as we strive to provide the lowest cost for scuba diving in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our price includes all required scuba gear rental (2-air tanks, BCD, regulator, wetsuit, weights, mask and fins)

Hawaii scuba diving cost
  1. First time divers - $150.00
  2. Certified divers - $150.00
  3. Night scuba dive - $150.00
  4. Private boat upgrade, additional fee- $300.00

How much is scuba diving in Hawaii?

We believe you will love our price and years of experience scuba diving in Hawaii! Online Reservations

Two tank Shipwreck/Reef certified divers. Price includes gear rental $150.00
Two tank boat charter. Discover Scuba diving Price includes gear rental $150.00
Night Dive Scuba. Price includes gear rental $150.00
Private boat charter Upgrade. additional fee$300.00
Dive Camera rental. take you own pictures.$20.00

Why is your Hawaii scuba diving cost so low?

Unlike most other companies on Oahu we own and operate our dive boat. Most scuba companies in Honolulu only have a website and use shared boats to lower cost. Prior to reserving your dive charter, check to ensure the price and group sizes! Most We are also not a Honolulu dive shop, we do not sell gear (other than T-shirts).

Our prices are the lowest to better serve our customers budgets. Choose Rainbow Scuba Hawaii to dive with the most experienced professional divers on Oahu, Hawaii.