4 Tourists in Hawaii Learn Secrets to Scuba Diving!

Honolulu, Hawaii

Beginner scuba diving tour in Honolulu Hawaii

4 Tourists in Hawaii Learn Secrets to Scuba Diving! Beginner scuba diving tour in Honolulu Hawaii. Learn the secrets to safely scuba dive the reefs on Oahu Hawaii.

Our brave group of tourists reserved space on our morning 09:30 am dive charter. Eager to learn our guests were given instruction and practiced some basic underwater skills. We ventured over to the Kewalo pipe reef for our first dive site. After jumping in the water it was now the time for our first time divers to put the skills they just learned to the test. Everyone seemed to adjust fast to breathing comfortable with the scuba gear in the water. Then the moment of truth, the Essential mask clear underwater! One at a time with an instructor, going slightly over their head, They flooded and cleared their mask. Everyone was able to clear the mask effortlessly! After mastering the basic skills and building confidence in them the true secrets to scuba diving is being relaxed and proper controlled breathing. The scuba diving site today was alive with beautiful tropical fish all around us! Even at a depth of 40' the water temperature is here in Honolulu is about 80 degrees. Our new divers learned effective tricks and secrets to scuba diving Hawaii. Overall it was another incredible day with the 4 tourists here in Hawaii learning the secrets to scuba diving.

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