Dental Professionals Encounter Sharks on Hawaii Scuba!

Honolulu, Hawaii

Standring Dental Team Professionals Dive with Sharks

Brave group of dental professionals encounter sharks on first time scuba adventure.

Another awesome full day of scuba diving with an outstanding group of dental professionals from the team of James C. Standring, DDS. The first group arrived at the boat around 09:30 for some instruction on scuba diving in Honolulu. After a briefing on the scuba tour our group of smiling dental professionals were excited to get started. After mooring at the Horseshoe reef and some practice of the scuba skills our group plunged into the beautiful waters of Hawaii! A little in water practice and the team were off diving underwater at a depth of about 40'. several schools of tropical Hawaiian fish about the dive as we explored the reef. For the second dive we ventured over to Turtle ridge and yes encountered turtles but also octopus and White tip reef sharks! Back into the harbor and waiting patiently for us was the second group of eager first time scuba participants.

Again a briefing with questions and answers then making way over to the Nautilus reef. The second team of dental professionals were even more eager to experience the undersea world of Honolulu! Jumping in and some practice the the essential scuba skills and team two submerged to the depth of around 40' underwater. With even more schools of tropical fish to see on this dive our group suddenly encountered a great whit tip reef shark! Well maybe not that great but but yes it was like 20 - 30, well inches not feet. Maybe not the biggest or even a little scary but beautiful to say the least. Moving over to another dive site the horseshoe reef for the second dive site. Again as in the morning, Hawaiian green sea turtles, octopus and another white tip reef shark.

After some painstaking practice to start, fun and safety was the theme of the day thanks to James C. Standring, DDS for bring out his incredible team. As it turns out these dental professionals aren't the only ones who are "Creating Beautiful Smiles" as it was all smiles today while scuba diving in Honolulu Hawaii.

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