Incredible Shipwreck Discovery in Honolulu Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Sea Tiger Shipwreck discovered on Oahu Hawaii

The Secret facts of the Hawaii Shipwreck Sea Tiger revealed!

Ready for scuba diving exploration our team of divers departed the Kewalo basin boat harbor in Honolulu. After gearing up and safety checks our divers plunged into the beautiful clear waters of Oahu. Upon reaching the Main deck of the Sea Tiger we encountered a magnificent Hawaiian green sea turtle. We also noticed that several schools of blue line snapper have made this shipwreck their new home. Suddenly from the depths of the shipwreck a huge white tip reef shark appeared.

We venture inside and we explore the main cabin area, engine room and wheel house of the Sea Tiger. After reaching our dive limit of nitrogen we ascend slow back to the Stugots dive boat for our surface interval.

Absolutely an incredible shipwreck discovery here in Honolulu Hawaii! Overall it was a safe fun time of exploration on the discover Sea Tiger shipwreck

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