Incredible Reasons Texas Family Scuba Dive Hawaii!

Honolulu, Hawaii

Essential Scuba Diving Experience in Honolulu Hawaii

An incredible experience scuba diving Hawaii on the Sea Tiger shipwreck and Honolulu's reefs!.

Our Diver today, a family from Texas found an incredible reason to scuba dive Oahu. That reason was of course the Sea Tiger shipwreck in Honolulu Hawaii. Not everyone in the group was certified and as a result we modified the scuba tour for maximum enjoyment and above all safety. Therefore our first dive on the Sea Tiger shipwreck was with the certified divers of the family from Texas. After a briefing on the Sea Tiger dive and safety checks we plunged into to incredible Hawaiian waters. Upon reaching the shipwreck we were immediately greeted by a huge Hawaiian green sea turtle. Another resident of the Sea Tiger, an Moray eel consequently poked his head out to welcome us as well. Diving about we encountered several schools of Blue line snapper fish and most noteworthy a White tip reef shark. Entering the shipwreck we explored through the cabin area, wheelhouse and engine room. On reaching the time limit for recreational scuba diving we ascended to 15' for the 3 minute safety stop.

Hawaiian vacation experience family scuba diving tour Overall scuba diving in Hawaii is certainly an essential activity for the entire family!

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