Discover Hawaii Scuba Diving charters, Beginners Scuba Diving in Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

PADI Diving Scuba Shop in Honolulu, Hawaii:

PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Our Oahu Scuba Dive Shop:

We at Rainbow Scuba want to give you the best Oahu dive shop experience for scuba diving during your Hawaii vacation.

Quality, dependable dive shop service without the overhead of retail space! We own and operate our dive boat and can provide a safe and relaxed environment.

Hawaii scuba dive shop in Oahu

How do we do it? Simple really, we enjoy scuba diving in Honolulu, Hawaii and want you to enjoy the sport of scuba diving also! We work off our Dive Charter Boat so we can keep our overhead low and we don't need to pass the cost of a Oahu scuba dive shop on to you.

That means first of all, Fun, but also quality PADI (professional scuba diving instructors) scuba instruction, safe dependable scuba diving services, as well as the lowest price obtainable scuba diving charters in Hawaii.

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