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Honolulu, Hawaii

Scuba diving in Honolulu on 10-19-2021

The 5 Best Beginner Scuba Diving Sites In Honolulu

October 19, 2021, 9:30 AM HST in Honolulu, HI. The best 5 dive sites in Honolulu for First time scuba divers. Oahu is a great location for scuba diving with calm waters and vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life.


Oahu has several excellent locations available for scuba divers, we have comprised our list of the 5 best beginner scuba diving sites in Honolulu. Yes it's true, first time scuba divers face many obstacles and challenges, having the best dive site will increase safety, fun and marine life encounters while scuba diving.

    5 Beginner SCUBA Diving Sites, Best In Honolulu.

  1. Our top pick is none other than Horseshoe reef on Honolulu's south side. Most importantly, its a shallow dive site in Honolulu that's perfect for the beginner scuba diving tour. Lots of Marine life at this location and in fact, Turtles, eels and huge schools of tropical fish are in abundance.
  2. Kewalo Pipe reef is a close second on our list the best scuba sites of first time divers. This location is easy to navigate and always provides a multitude of marine life. When Horseshoe reef is not available the Kewalo Pipe is an excellent second choice.
  3. Nautilus reef is another great dive site for beginner divers as there is an abundance of reef fish and moray eels about the reef. Another excellent location for beginner divers and in fact, well know for the diversity of sea life and coral.
  4. Turtle Town is another great dive site to encounter an abundance of the Hawaiian green sea turtles. This beginner dive site is also excellent for the first time scuba diver and features many turtles and reef fish.
  5. Last on our list is the Turtle Canyon reef mainly due to the fact that is the most frequented dive site for SCUBA and snorkeling. Again as the name states this dive site is frequented by many Hawaiian green sea turtles about the reef.

Honolulu's Top 5 SCUBA Diving Locations .

For the first time diver choosing the right dive site and scuba company are essential. Why choose a dive company in Honolulu that doesn’t even own a boat? Most dive companies in Honolulu use a shared dive boat and are not able to choose the dive site best suited for first time divers. We have owned and exclusively operated our dive boat in Honolulu for years. Rainbow Scuba Hawaii makes all the decisions on the best dive site suited for beginner divers.

Scuba diving tours in Honolulu

In conclusion, hopefully our list of the best 5 dive sites in Honolulu for beginners will help when making a decision on booking a scuba diving tour.

  • SCUBA Dive Log information for 10-19-2021, 09:30 AM HST

    • Location: Honolulu, HI
    • Dive Site: Horseshoe reef
    • Depth: 40 feet
    • Bottom Time:2x 30 minutes each
    • Viz: 50 feet
    • Water Temp: 80 degrees celsius
    • Conditions: Moderate

Best Dive Sites, 10-19-2021 SCUBA dive Video

Featured Video from our YouTube Video site, Scuba Diving Hawaii.

Hawaii SCUBA Diving Beginners - vlog 598

Hawaii SCUBA diving on 10-19-2021. Yet again, another awesome day of scuba diving in Honolulu on the Horseshoe reef. Two dives with a depth of around 40' underwater, water temp of 79 degrees and calm seas today. The first time divers encountered several sea turtles, eels and some huge schools of fish.

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