Best Honolulu Dive Sites - Oahu Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Experience Honolulu's Best Dive Sites

We are often asked, Is scuba diving good in Hawaii? With consistantly warm clear waters, Hawaii is an excellent location choice for scuba diving in the USA.

Where can I dive in Oahu? Honolulu has several of the best dive sites for first time beginner divers and advanced shipwreck scuba dive site locations.

What are the best dives on Oahu? For certified divers, exploring the Sea Tiger shipwreck is diffently the best! For First time divers, experiencing the green Sea turtles at Horseshoe reef is amazing!

Here is a list and brief description on the best Honolulu dive sites.

  1. Sea Tiger shipwreck: 189' shipwreck dive site, max depth of 120', sunk in 1999.
  2. YO-257 shipwreck: 190' shipwreck dive site, max depth of 100', sunk in 1989.
  3. San Pedro shipwreck: 140' shipwreck dive site, max depth of 100', sunk in 1996.
  4. Horseshoe reef: Average dept of 40', Best overall reef dive site in Honolulu.
  5. Kewalo Pipe reef: Reef dive site starting from shore to a depth of 60' at its end.
  6. Turtle Canyon reef: Reef dive site with Hawaiian Sea turtles and types of trigger fish.
  7. Nautilus reef: Best reef dive site for octopus encounters

Exploring Oahu's scuba diving Locations

Does scuba diving the best Honoluu dive sites interest you? On average most scuba divers perfer the south side dive sites in Honolulu. The Main difference between a good location and the best Honolulu dive site can also vary on the conditions of the day. The dive site and tour experience realy depends on the local knowledge of the divemaster. Can the cost of scuba diving in Hawaii prevent you from experiencing the best Honolulu dive sites? No, our prices for scuba diving are the lowest on the islands of Hawaii. Our team of local instructors love to dive!

Experience the best Honolulu dive sites Oahu has to offer with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii. Incredible reefs teaming with colorful tropical fish and Hawaiian green sea turtles. Our advanced scuba divers can also enjoy exploration on many of the submerged shipwrecks on the island.