Hawaii Shipwrecks scuba diving sites Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu Shipwrecks scuba diving in Hawaii

Hawaii shipwrecks on the island of Oahu. Here is a listing of the great Hawaii shipwrecks sunk on Oahu. Were sure you will enjoy exploring these underwater treasures while scuba diving in Hawaii!

Hawaii shipwreck exploration on Oahu Hawaii

Sea tiger Shipwreck

The Rainbow Scuba Hawaii staff pick of the best Hawaii shipwrecks for true Honolulu scuba diving excitement. The deepest, about 120 feet underwater at the sand, 100 feet on deck level. An easy fun & Hawaii scuba diving adventure.

YO-257 Shipwreck

The YO-257 (190 feet long) is arguably the most exciting of the Hawaii shipwrecks to dive. You can expect to see white-tip reef sharks, eagle rays, and even get your picture taken by the occupants of the Atlantis Submarine. That's right, the tourists will be inside the submarine looking out at you. Maximum depth is 95 feet.

San Pedro Shipwreck

The San Pedro (80 feet long) at the same site as the YO-257, making this Hawaii shipwrecks dive site a two for one special.

YS-11 airplane wreck

the YS-11 airplane wreck is also near the YO-257, but in a shallower depth. Not frequently visited due to the far swim through flat sand but is worth seeing if multi day scuba diving in Hawaii.

Corsair Airplane

The only wreck that was not intentionally sunk as an artificial reef, the corsair was ditched by its pilot during WWII as it ran out of fuel. The aircraft is in remarkable condition and even has an intact glass face on one of the cockpit gauges. The plane sits in 107 feet of water and is the only site where we have seen the elusive garden eels.

Baby Barge

At this dive site you can combine wreck and reef diving. You can expect to see the green sea turtles as well as the friendly white tip reef sharks. Maximum depth is 85 feet.

LST Wreck

The LST is an exciting wreck dive which allows for easy wreck penetration. It is 110 feet long and sits in 95 feet of water..

Mahi Shipwreck

The Mahi was a navy mine layer in WWII. It was sunk as an artificial reef in 1982 and has been one of the most sought after dive sites on the islands. It is 189 feet long and sits in 90 feet of water. There is a family of eagle rays living on the wreck and it is the only place that you will see a large number of puffer fish schooling. This is an easy dive, lying just a short boat ride from the harbor.

Airplane Canyon

This site has a Beech Craft airplane resting on the bottom in 95 feet of water. We often see an oceanic white-tip reef shark resting under a ledge close to the plane. Maximum depth at this site is 112 feet.